About The Little Superhero Boy

The Little Superhero Boy is Toni Zuniga. He's a 28 year old Filipino guy who (tries to) save(s) the world on a daily basis (works as the Philippine Country Manager  of MTV EXIT, Program Manager of Hands on Manila and the Founder and President of start up called Juan2help.org). Aside from this, he is finishing graduate studies in Community Development (UP Diliman) mostly to acquire new superhero powers and partly because of the daily baon he receives (thanks Mom and Dad! xx).

Being a frustrated astronaut, he would often daydream and just imagine himself inside a spaceship voyaging towards the outer space to collect stars and other heavenly bodies. He absolutely loves his job but wouldn't think twice in trading it just to become a Pokemon master. He's totally obsessed with love and extremely petrified with flying roaches(!). He's a typhoon (damn you Ondoooooy!) and a non-typhoon (damn you Habaaaaaaagat!) survivor who has since then developed a love-hate relationship with mother nature.

If there's one thing he would love to do for the rest of his life, it would be to travel around the world and have senseless conversations with majority of the drunk people he'll meet along the way. Other than children, he's a believer that drunkards are the most honest and emotionally open people in the planet.